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tv   FOX 10 News 5pm  FOX  November 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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will be excitemented about is the program that we put together and it is being vocalized. this is a project that pay ares if itself and we're looking forward to articulating that over the next series and weeks and months. >> reporter: we're told there will be some sort of hotel and restaurants. the team telling us it will be a state-of-the-art arena. they want people to come before the game, stay for the game, have a lot of places to go and linger after the game. coming up at 6:00, we're going to hear reaction from the city of glendale. danielle miller, fox 32 news. >> the city of glendale, the city council looking to settle an agreement with if cardinals saying that they must provide enough parking spaces for nfl
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away. the city could end up paying $14 million in damages. firefighters respond to a hazmat fire at a tank farm in phoenix. 51st avenue and van buren. a demolition crew was reconstructing a tank that holds water and oil when it caught fire. several agencies work to put out the flames. no one hurt. the exact cause of the fire is not clear. >> nearly every good memory in wife and his family. >> very sad day as friends and family and brothers in blue gather today to remember darrin reed who was killed last week in the line of duty. the suspect was killed killed after a long standoff with officers. the officer was with the department since 2006. he was scheduled to retire in february and today, hundreds of
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respects. nicole garcia has more on the tribute to the fallen officer. >> reporter: more than 1,000 people, family, friends and law enforcement officers from across the country bid farewell to fallen hero, show low police officer darrin reed. reed was 50 years old. he was gunned down last week while responding to a disturbance call. the gunman was also shot and everybody. a shock to the community. a shock to the family. but we know he was doing his job and he was a hero. >> reporter: reed served in the u.s. air force. he spent 10 years with the navajo county sheriff's department. he was with the show low police department for 10 years. reed was supposed to retire from law enforcement in just three
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sometimes the hero does fall. >> reporter: officer reed leaves behind a wife, son, and a daughter and a heartbroken community. his family and friends remembered his dedication to service. his love for his family, his love for hunting, fishing, and sports. >> he was one of the most outstanding people i knew. he was a loving father, friend. he loved sports. loved the denver he was an officer that respected the people as much as they respected him. >> your devotion and sacrifices will forever live on in our hearts. godspeed, darrin. we will take it from here. >> reporter: officer reed is the first officer shot and killed in the line of duty in the history of the show low police department.
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new details about a security scare. this happened in terminal four at the eastern side of the airport. two security checkpoints were closed. eight gates were evacuated when the suspicious package was found. it caused big delays for travelers. linda williams is live at sky harbor. this was a nightmare for people today. >> reporter: it was. there wasn't a lot of information coming out passengers would know where to go, where to stand, what line to get in. it was a tad bit confusing. sky harbor airport terminal four, everything is back to normal. for a couple of hours between 9:00 and 11:00, this concourse was a sea of anxious passengers worried they might not get home. >> a. gate or d. gate? >> that way? >> reporter: confusion for
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sky harbor airport starting at 9:00 monday morning. >> it is pretty bad. >> reporter: security screeners stopped a man who was traveling with his family at the gate b. checkpoints according to screeners. they wanted to look at a device he was carrying. on closer inspection there was concern so they called the bomb squad. eight gates were shut down. many passengers, as you can from the sky fox view were bussed to other concourses to catch planes from there. elevators were stopped, the sky train was suspended as officers checked that item. meanwhile, several hundred passengers worried and waited. >> got in here and couldn't get to the b. gates and went to the a. gates and there was a two-hour line to get in there. i could snake in there and get
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my flight. >> i think we will make our plane. >> reporter: lines snaked through the concourse. by 11:00 a.m., phoenix police cleared the b. gate area and the c. gate area declaring them safe. the man with the device was not arrested. passengers flooded back to those gates that had been shut down and headed back where they had been much of the morning, standing in line. is what you have to get used to is standing in line. people had a good attitude saying, you know what, i just want to get to, fill in the blank, in one piece. they were understanding but there was a great deal of confusion and at one point, chaos as everyone figured where they were supposed to be. reporting live at sky harbor where things are calm and bright.
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history is being made at the ben avery shooting range in phoenix. look at that. 1,000 shooters simultaneously firing two rounds today. the event was put on by the rifle association to show firearms pride. they fired custom made and engraved by henry repeating arms. >> the ent hundreds of people that wished they had been able to participate but they were closed out. we had no idea because this is the first time this had been done in the gun industry. >> the ben avery shooting facility is one of the only facilities in the country capable of hosting an event of this scale. nearly a week after election day, ballots in maricopa county are still being counted. there are 45,000 early ballots
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provisional ballots. it may seem like a lot of ballots, helen purcell who is in charge of this, says on average it takes 17 days to finish counting the ballots and they hope to beat that mark. >> you can only count so many days before the election so we're trying to cram a lot of people in that space. i to sacrifice accuracy for speed. >> one of the complications is people waited until the last minute and dropped off their ballot at a polling place. all of the votes should be counted by the end of the week. after winning the election last week, president-elect trump's team is starting to implement a 100 day plan. it will be led by mike pence
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administration and reince priebus who will serve as trump's chief of staff and right-wing news mogul steve brannon has been named steve strategist and senior counselor. the administration has to serve 4,000 positions before the january 20 inauguration. >> president obama holding his first news conference since the election. he has says his administration is working with president-elect trump and voters should not b quick to judge. >> i remember what it is like to come in eight years ago. it is a big challenge. this office is bigger than one person and that is why ensuring a smooth transition is so important. >> president obama dodged a question about donald trump's decision to make steve bannon a senior adviser but hopes trump keeps his promise about keeping
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immigrants brought into the country as children. backed up sewage, plumbing problems, tenants getting answers to their complaints. it is one of the biggest unsolved murder cases we have ever seen. hogan's heros star bob crain bludgeoned to debt. has the case been solved? >> amazing images from last night's supermoon. the brilliant display in the we'll share them with you. >> reporter: a beautiful weekend. temperatures a little warm. we're going to stay on the warm side until midweek. big changes and we'll have it
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it is a decade's old murder mystery, who killed bob crane? the hogan's hero star was found dead inside his scottsdal back in 1978. >> i was given exclusive access to evidence in this cold case. nearly 40 years later, we have retested the d.n.a. evidence to try to unravel it. hogan's heros and star bob crane still beloved by millions around the world. he was one of the most recognizable faces on television and his death remains one of the stop unsolved celebrity cases of
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>> i had a lot of celebrity cases but the bob crane case tops them all. >> reporter: he was found bludgeoned to death in his apartment in 1978. his longtime pal john carpenter was in scottsdale at the time. they shared a dark obsession, videotapeing women they had sex with. >> reporter: you believe in yo carpenter killed bob crane? >> no doubt. >> reporter: 100%? >> 100%? >> reporter: john carpenter went on trial but blood could not link to bob crane and carpenter was acquitted. >> it was on june 30, 1978. >> reporter: still in liquid form? >> appears to be. >> reporter: in an unprecedented investigation, the
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always granted me permission to retest the d.n.a. evidence in the bob crane murder. >> the science has finally caught up to where we have the last piece of evidence, it is the last piece of the puzzle. >> reporter: will we close the case or open a new khaptszer in one of the most high profile unsolved murders in american history? >> we hope you join us tonight. we will front of a long time prosecutor and michael lake and carpenter's defense attorney will join us tonight from oakland. we hope you will join us. >> i will tell you this, i know john can hold a secret pretty well. he hasn't told me a thing about it. >> it has been tough. >> you can watch john's indepth
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just head to our website to find a link. >> reporter: well, there is a little haze in the air. we get a little bit of an inversion this time of the year. temperatures are up a little bit but there will be a change in that. we'll take a look in a couple of
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martinez... we're working on some brand new stories for martinez... we're working >> reporter: i'm marc martinez working on brand new stories for you tonight at 6:00. you may see people wearing safety pins. find out what is behind this new trend. find out the cirque du soleil show coming to based on "avatar." >> reporter: what a nice weekend. temperatures up a little bit. it is 84 degrees right now. a little breeze out of the west at 6 miles an hour. you can see a little inversion where we trap a little bit of that polluted air into the valley here. 84 degrees at sky harbor right now. 83 at cave creek. 80 degrees right now in surprise. these temperatures up just a little bit. here is the only action, as far
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is this system pushing in. there is going to be one pushing in later in the week here. we put the future cast in and look at the snow off to the north and west of us as well. you will see snow as the cooler air comes in and cools things down by thursday. we will see changes from stuff like this. 87 for the highod 86 up in glendale. gateway, 82 degrees. other numbers we have for you, 69 at winslow. 61 rat show -- at show low. 65 at flagstaff. 84 in tucson. there we go with 90 at yuma. overnight, we will look at the temperatures drop off into the 60's and by tomorrow morning, we
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gregs for the overnight low. 60 at deer valley. 55 in glendale. down in maricopa, 49 for the overnight low. here is your morning low for this morning, 57. 87 for this afternoon. 76 and 53, normal high and low. record low at 28. as we get a look at what we're forecasting, still up there a little bit. as we go to the mid 80's in areas. we look to the mountains and we've got nice-looking 70's. a few 80's popping up here and there. in the desert areas, close to 90 degrees but things will be backing off. here is the system pushing off to the northwest. we have storms pushing up from florida and into new england, which has cooled the temperatures off just a little bit. as you can see here, dallas at
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60 overnight. as it is warming a little bit. there is your 86 degrees. we'll go to 80 degrees by wednesday. 72 degrees by thursday. mid 70's by friday. a nice break in here as the cold air finds its way in. watch your kids around water. >> thank you, dave. election barely over and some names are being tossed around for a presidential run for 2020. are you ready to think about >> can we just absorb what is happening? >> everyone likes to look to the future. >> i know. >> a look at who is on the short list for 2020. >> if you want to get into the anxiety of the coming days, thanksgiving is a week from thursday. a lot of people -- >> i just figured that out and i almost started panicking. >> a lot of people excited to fly home for the holiday. if you missed the supermoon
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i... i... i wanted those... no you didn't... hefty slider bags cost less than ziploc. oh... save big. hefty costs less than ziploc. did you see it? it was super, indeed. we're talking about moon. meantime -- moon is the closest
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moon will not be as big and bright for another 50 years. we pulled the good ones from social media. this is from paul photoer so he is a photographer. this is the supermoon. mine never come out like this. >> you take nice picre >> mine looks like a blob. nice job, karen. tom fergus, this is one of our great of photographers here. great job, tom. national weather service, did you have trouble sleeping? i know i woke up a million times. >> kari needs it completely dark so she can sleep. >> this one from jay.
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meantime -- the moon. a pretty super moon at tanto national forest. if you would like to share your pictures, you can do it using the hash tag supermoon and we would love to see them. >> 15% brighter than usual. if you plan to travel during the holiday, you will plenty of company. the trade group airlines for america says 27 million people are expecting to fly during the thanksgiving holiday season, which runs through the 18th through the 29th. the group says more people are expected to travel because of lower airfares. many airlines say they have added more flights to get ready for this rush. tonight, we're getting a closer look at the damage left behind in new zealand following
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a terrible quake there. lawmakers getting overheated at one meeting and the punches start to fly. i'm surprised this didn't happen during our campaign. >> maybe they should. maybe people need to let off steam and everybody will settle back down. >> reporter: we did a story about problems here at the apartments in west phoenix. now, we're hearing from management that may have the problems and what they are doing to fix them.
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we live in a pick and choose world. love or like? naughty or nice? calm or bright? but at bedtime... why settle for this? enter sleep number. don't miss the semi-annual sale, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! give the gift of amazing sleep. only at a sleep number store, eepiq techonology. plus 36 month special financing. an update on a story we know better sleep with sleep number. first told you about last week- an update on a story we an update on the story we brought you last week. tenants at a phoenix apartment complex complaining about sewage problem, cockroaches, bad odors and tonight management is trying
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steve krafft is live with an update, steve? >> reporter: well, this is the place. it is the resort apartments at 35th avenue. it looks nice from the front but residents described nightmarish conditions inside. last week, we heard from tenants at the resort apartments. we were shown a sink stopped up for four months, so long the water turned black. another problem, an toilet soaked the carpet. leaking apartment from upstairs that created a hole in the ceiling. >> they told me they would have someone come check. >> reporter: when did that happen? >> on sunday but nobody has come but the leak has been like that for three weeks. >> reporter: we tried to get the landlord's side of the story, no reply. today, we came back. we reached out the management at the resort apartments and given


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